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NJ Electrical Connections Trade Show 
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The EPQ Store

Power Quality E-Store
Website: http://www.epqstore.com
E-Mail: info@epqstore.com
Phone: (862) 210-2777

High quality AC and DC Surge Protection Devices (SPD) for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. The range of surge protection devices combines unparalleled power, handling capability, application versatility, protection of sensitive equipment and ease of installation.












Why Surge Protection?
Each home and business experiences 300-plus potentially damaging electrical surges per year.
This could result in damage from the household appliances, to the electronic devices and even the HVAC systems.
Today’s electrical equipment is more susceptible to surge damage because the parts are more sensitive.  All surge protection should be changed out to meet the needs of the current technology.    
In order to protect the contents of the home and businesses, surge protection devices (SPD) are essential.   
Contractor Benefits In Providing Surge Solutions
By informing your customers of the potential damage of an electrical surge, and the solution you can provide, you differentiate your contracting company from the competition.  Your company is viewed as a service company concerned about the long-term operation of their equipment. This can result not only in the sale of a surge protector, but also repeat customers, referral business, and increased profits.

Why ePQ Store?
Our manufacturer understands the technology infrastructure used by our customers and this enables them to develop solutions for all areas.  Products are tested and developed around the most rigorous standards such as ATEX, IEC, FM, UL and Lloyds. 

•    Free Freight on All Orders
•    30% Discount for Members
•    Access to the following for submittals:
-    Specifications
-    Data Sheets
-    Installation Instructions
•    Technical Support
•    10-15 year Warranty

Visit us online today at http://epqstore.com!

Website: http://www.epqstore.com
E-Mail: info@epqstore.com
Phone: (862) 210-2777


OSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binder Now Available!

East Coast Safety Online Institute

NJECA Is Proud to announce the opening of the

East Coast Safety Online Institute!

Take Courses Today at www.eastcoastsafetyed.org



Did you know that you can no longer install the gas piping required for a generator installation under the new state rule? You must now hire a HVARC contractor or plumber to perform this portion of the installation!

A new rule has been issued that requires that gas piping for generator installations be completed by a HVARC contractor or plumber.  The electrical contractor is NO LONGER allowed to perform this work!  Sign the petition to change this rule to allow electrical contractors to continue installing the gas piping for generators along with the rest of the installation!

  Click here to view/sign the petition to repeal this new rule!

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