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Press Release-NJECA Announces New Executive Director-December 18, 2014


New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association (NJECA) Announces New Executive Director

December 18, 2014 — The New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association approved new leadership at its December Board of Directors Meeting.  Suzy Abbott, a 26-year veteran of the electrical industry will assume the responsibility of Executive Director on January 1, 2015.

Suzy Abbott has extensive experience in the electrical industry having worked as Marketing Manager for the electrical distribution channel for Honeywell and E-Mon D-Mon products.  Having experience in marketing management as well as business management, customer service, purchasing, vendor management, accounting and process management, Suzy’s leadership will bring a smooth transition to the organization and support the association’s growth plans for the future.

“I am excited to continue working with electrical contractors, distributors and manufacturers in the state of New Jersey, I plan to build on the work of the previous Executive Director to expand our offering to benefit not just electrical contractors in the state of New Jersey, but the industry as a whole.” Suzy said. “There are many new exciting programs in store for our members, partners and sponsors in the coming year which will enable them to better service their customers and maintain profitability in their business.  As the Director of the leading New Jersey electrical contractor association, I look forward to working with our executive board of directors to build programs and initiatives to effectively support all aspects of the electrical industry in the state of New Jersey.”

After over six years with NJECA, Michelle Powell will be opening her own business after finishing up her Master’s Degree in Education. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with NJECA and am excited about the progress made over the last few years.  NJECA has an exceptional team in place with Suzy Abbott at the helm and together with the executive board of directors they are committed to advancing both the Association and the electrical industry in the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association is a non-profit, member-managed electrical trade association for the state of New Jersey.  NJECA, the voice and leading authority in the electrical industry for information, education, business management and advocacy supporting the electrical contractor base of over 15,000 licensed New Jersey electrical contractors.

NJECA partners with a variety of associations, manufacturers, distributors and business sponsors that provide services and support to electrical contractors in the state of NJ.  For more information visit or call (732) 981-8901.


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A new rule has been issued that requires that gas piping for generator installations be completed by a HVARC contractor or plumber.  The electrical contractor is NO LONGER allowed to perform this work!  Sign the petition to change this rule to allow electrical contractors to continue installing the gas piping for generators along with the rest of the installation!

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