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NJECA FREE Continuing Education Grant Program

The NJ Electrical Contractors Association (NJECA)

Is Proud to Announce our new

FREE Continuing Education Training Grant Program!


This program provides Electrical Contractors with Continuing Education Paid for with State Funding!


NJECA Partnered with MTC Educational Services & TNT Educational Services to provide NJ Electrical Contractors with Continuing Education Paid for with State Funding.

Many state governments have funds set aside to train your workforce at no cost to you.  The intent is to create a better skilled work force that will translate into productivity and profitability for these companies.

These extraordinary state programs allow you to realize income with no strings attached and without deviating from your company’s day-to-day activities.  These programs are intended for most companies regardless of size.

In today’s economy, trained and effective workers can mean the difference between a competitive business and an extinct business. The Skills Partnership program is a component of the Workforce Development and is funded by a small allocation from employers and workers. NJECA and its partners will be offering Electrical Contractors Continuing Education courses through the grant program via our partners at MTC Educational Services & TNT Educational Services. The CEU’s required for contractor licensing are partially covered by this grant, to be determined upon application review and award through the Grant program. 

TNT Educational Services is in the business of securing government funding by way of training grants and offering a wide range of training classes.


To be included in the FREE Continuing Education Grant Program,

Click here to complete the Grant Sign-Up Form Online!

Download a copy of the Grant Sign-Up Form.

Download a copy of the Press Release.




  1. Are there requirements for my employees to participate in this program?
    All of your employees are eligible to participate in this program provided they are on your payroll. (1099 and subcontractors are not eligible).
  2. How much training is allowed per employee? How long do they have to take the courses?
    Typically each employee may take up to $1,000 in continuing education courses through the grant program. They have 12 months to take the training from the approval date of the grant.
  3. Is there any cost to me to participate in this program?
    There is no out of pocket cost to participate in the program. Your company information will be grouped and submitted for the educational grant through TNT Educational Services and once approved you will be notified directly regarding availability of funds for your training needs and any restrictions that may apply through the approved grant. Your employees must be paid while in training- this is your contribution!
  4. Am I automatically approved for the free education? 
    Once we receive your sign-up form, you will be submitted with a group of contractors under the grant program for approval.  These are done on a regular basis and “batched” together.  It can take from 2-6 months to be approved for the educational grant.

  5. What if I want to take courses that are not offered through NJECA or MTC Educational Services?
    TNT Educational services offers hundreds of courses available to you under the grant program. We will tailor your program based on your company’s needs and ensure that your educational needs are met.  If you would like to apply other courses to the grant program contact TNT prior to grant approval and we will determine if the grant funds can be used for that specific program.
  6. Can I apply for the grant again after it has run out?
    Yes, you can apply for the program after your first grant has been completed, it will go through the same process again for approval and may take several months to be approved for additional funds.
  7. This seems too good to be true, is it?
    When businesses contribute through payroll to pay taxes, those funds are used to support programs such as this. The funds are available to help grow the workforce and are made available to businesses via the grant program.  This is truly a great program for those who wish to take advantage of it, it not only benefits your employees and your business, but it benefits the entire workforce of the state by building qualified, quality industry professionals.
  8. Do I have to be an electrical contractor to participate?
    Absolutely NOT.  Any trade business in the State of New Jersey can participate in our grant program.  This includes manufacturers, distributors, engineers, solar, plumbers, builders, HVAC and other trade businesses!
  9. I have more questions, who can I call?
    For additional information call TNT @ 866.505.2073 or email



Partial List of Courses

The following courses can also be delivered in Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese) and Japanese. 

Business Related Courses

  •    Creating Winning Proposals
  •    Maximize Profit on Jobs
  •    How to Keep what you Earn
  •    Improve Cash Flow
  •    Grow your Business

Communication Courses

  •    Hiring the Best Employees
  •    Dealing with Difficult People
  •    Correcting Employee Mistakes
  •    Managing Multiple Projects


  • Microsoft® Office Suite 
  • Microsoft® Windows
  • Email Applications
  • Networking Solutions
  • Database Design and Management
  • Information Systems
  • DreamWeaver
  • Adobe Reader
  • MicroStation


  • Leadership
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Successful Supervision
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Building
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning

Total Quality Management

  • Quality Assurance, Control and Management
  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 14000
  • Six Sigma
  • Statistical Process Control and Mapping

Financial Institutions

  • Banking Fundamentals
  • Product Knowledge
  • Service and Selling skills
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
  • Patriot Act
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Privacy
  • Teller Training


  • Bioethical Decision-Making
  • Healthcare Spanish
  • Elder Care Planner
  • Assessment in Gerontology
  • Info on Dementia
  • Bioethical Mediation
  • Hoarding Behavior
  • Suicide in the Elderly
  • Dementia, Delirium, Depression
  • Elder Abuse
  • Substance Abuse among Older Adults
  • Sexuality and Aging
  • ICD-10

Electrical Courses (License Holder & Employers)  

  •    How well can you spot Violations
  •    Designing Electrical Systems – Labeling Requirements
  •    One Family Dwellings – Review of Article 220
  •    Rehabilitation Subcode – How does it affects the Electrical Contractor
  •    Review of NFPA 70, 2014 NEC with NJ Amendments
  •    Permit & Inspection Requirements
  •    Water Damage – How does it affect Electrical Equipment
  •    Generator Installations – What is actually Required


Code Update Course (License Holder, Employers & Journeyman)

  •    NFPA 70, 2017 National Electrical Code  

Workplace Literacy

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Accent Reduction
  • Adult Basic Skills
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

Office Management / Staff Support

  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resource Skills
  • Diversity and Sensitivity
  • Harassment Training
  • Spanish as a Second Language (SSL)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time / Stress Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Conflict Resolution

Specialized Programs

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting / Payroll Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Tool and Dye Making
  • Surveying
  • Mechanics and Repairs
  • Machine Technology
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Hospitality Skills

  • ServSafe: Food/Alcohol     
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Food Production Skills
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Standard Industry Procedures and Practices
  • Wait Staff Training
  • Professional Table Service
  • Hotel Front Office Management
  • Hotel Operations Management
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Guest Service Skills
  • Casino Operations Management
  • Restaurant Spanish
  • Service English



  • AutoCAD
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Geometric Dimensioning

*courses are customized based on needs of the organization/industry. This is just a sample list of the available courses. For more information contact TNT at (866) 505-2073 or email and reference the NJECA Grant Program for Continuing Education.

To be included in the FREE Continuing Education Grant Program, click here to complete the form for your business!

OSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binder Now Available!

East Coast Safety Online Institute

NJECA Is Proud to announce the opening of the

East Coast Safety Online Institute!

Take Courses Today at



Did you know that you can no longer install the gas piping required for a generator installation under the new state rule? You must now hire a HVARC contractor or plumber to perform this portion of the installation!

A new rule has been issued that requires that gas piping for generator installations be completed by a HVARC contractor or plumber.  The electrical contractor is NO LONGER allowed to perform this work!  Sign the petition to change this rule to allow electrical contractors to continue installing the gas piping for generators along with the rest of the installation!

  Click here to view/sign the petition to repeal this new rule!

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