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New Membership Structure Press Release


October 20, 2016

New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association Introduces New Membership Levels to Better Support New Jersey’s Electrical Contractors & Industry Businesses!

New Jersey’s leading Electrical Industry Association for Electrical Contractors expands membership options to better support both businesses and licensed individual contractors in New Jersey.  The Non-Profit Association also adds an Associate Level Membership for other trade and business professionals affected by the Electrical Industry in New Jersey.

“NJECA (New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association) has been the leading non-profit association in the state of New Jersey for over 40 years supporting electrical contractors.  The association has made significant expansions and growth to better support New Jersey’s electrical industry over the past few years including new branding, web and social media presence and other programs such as the East Coast Safety Online Training Institute ( and the NJ Electrical Connections Trade Show ( specifically to support the New Jersey electrical industry.

The team of program experts at NJECA have identified specific types of electrical industry members and has built specific membership programs that support their specific goals within the industry. “The support needs of an individual licensed electrician or journeyman is very different from the support required by a 30-year old electrical contracting business with 20 employees.” States Suzy Abbott, Executive Director, “In addition, there are others in the industry, such as engineers, HVAC contractors, Solar companies and others that would benefit from the programs and updates offered by NJECA.  Our new membership options include programs to meet the specific needs of each of these types of industry professionals, at a price-point that makes it affordable and beneficial to them and their business.”

“As NJECA grows and changes with the industry,” said Dan O’Brien, NJECA Board President. “It’s important that we, as the state association supporting licensed electrical contractors as well as the electrical industry, ensure that the programs we offer not only support the members of the trade, but are also set at a price that an individual, just out of school or just starting their new business, can afford.  The new levels of membership make membership a “must-have” for everyone in the industry, whether you are a student, journeyman, individual just starting your business or a seasoned professional with a large staff.  In addition, bringing on associate members to the association enables everyone in the industry to learn and grow, whether you are designing an electrical system for a building, a backup generator system for a facility, installing a solar array on a home or business, or simply installing a new service for a residential customer,  when everyone in the industry has a voice and can work together, it makes the industry better as a whole, and that benefits each and every electrical contractor in the state.”

In addition, NJECA offers a variety of partnership program options for manufacturers, distributors and benefit providers.
“Promoting our products and services through NJECA provides us with an avenue to reach New Jersey’s electrical industry cost effectively and easily.  We are able to provide training and product updates to better support our existing customers, as well as gain new avenues to reach new contractor customers in the state.” Said one of NJECA’s partners, “For $1,000 a year for the Premier Partnership, which is priced less than a single quarter page ad in an industry publication, we get a full year of customized promotion to over 15,000 electricians and industry professionals in New Jersey, you just can’t beat the ROI on that marketing investment.”

Following an overview of the new NJECA Membership Levels and a chart outlining the benefit programs for each level. 

Individual Membership - This membership is designed for a single person who is a licensed electrician or journeyman in New Jersey.  This membership includes a variety of benefits, programs and discounts designed specifically for individuals who do not have multiple employees.  The individual membership can be upgraded at any time to the Business Level Membership to take advantage of the full range of business programs available to our members. Payment Options: $120/year, auto-billed to your credit card at $10.00/month, or pay for the full year for $99!

Business Membership - Designed specifically for multi-employee businesses, the programs and benefits offered are designed to support your needs in the electrical industry.  You may have an unlimited number of staff members under your membership and receive extensive business focused programs including the OSHA Hazard Communication Binder & Update Service, Free business cards and website design and a variety of business related programs. Payment Options: $365/year for you and ALL of your staff! May be paid via credit card or check.

Associate Membership - Designed for individuals and businesses interested in New Jersey's electrical industry but are not licensed electrical contractors.  These associate memberships are ideal for HVAC, Solar, Alarm Companies, Engineering firms and others who need to keep up-to-date on the electrical industry, but are not actual licensed electricians.  All associate memberships will be reviewed by NJECA for approval of membership. Payment Options:. $120.00/year can be paid via credit card or check.


For additional information or to join NJECA as a member or partner visit us online at or call (732) 981-8901.

New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association (NJECA) is the leading non-profit, member-managed electrical trade association for the state of New Jersey. NJECA, the voice and leading authority in the electrical industry for information, education, business management and advocacy supporting the electrical contractor base of over 15,000 licensed New Jersey electrical contractors.

NJECA partners with a variety of associations, manufacturers, distributors and business sponsors to provide services and support to electrical contractors in the state of NJ. We offer a variety of cost effective membership opportunities for contractors, students and industry professionals in addition to partnership and sponsorship packages that lets businesses in the electrical marketplace reach electrical contractors and provide education, product information, business services and other benefits that support our electrical contractor members.

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OSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binder Now Available!

East Coast Safety Online Institute

NJECA Is Proud to announce the opening of the

East Coast Safety Online Institute!

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Did you know that you can no longer install the gas piping required for a generator installation under the new state rule? You must now hire a HVARC contractor or plumber to perform this portion of the installation!

A new rule has been issued that requires that gas piping for generator installations be completed by a HVARC contractor or plumber.  The electrical contractor is NO LONGER allowed to perform this work!  Sign the petition to change this rule to allow electrical contractors to continue installing the gas piping for generators along with the rest of the installation!

  Click here to view/sign the petition to repeal this new rule!

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