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NJ Clean Energy Program

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Incentives for Energy Efficiency in New Jersey: Beyond the Bulbs
Taking Energy Efficiency Beyond Lighting Projects

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New Jersey's Clean Energy Program offers significant financial incentives for commercial, industrial and governmental customers to integrate energy efficient and renewable technologies into new construction, upgrades and new cooling & heating equipment installations.  Get on board with Clean Energy, and find the Power to Save.






Energy efficiency can represent big savings for big box retailers. Home improvement leader Lowes took advantage of financial incentives from New Jersey's Clean Energy Program™ to incorporate performance lighting when constructing it's new East Brunswick store.




With nearly $85,000 in incentives from the State's Direct Install Program, this privately-owned beauty school in Goucester upgraded to high-efficiency lighting, HVAC and gas furnaces. PB School of Beauty Culture is now saving an average of $11,374 each year.




This Parsippany-based printing company combined facilities, switched to wind power and installed high-efficiency T5, solid-state LED lighting and ultrasonic motion sensors. The result is a 5,634,000 kWh reduction in energy consumption.




OSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binder Now Available!

East Coast Safety Online Institute

NJECA Is Proud to announce the opening of the

East Coast Safety Online Institute!

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Did you know that you can no longer install the gas piping required for a generator installation under the new state rule? You must now hire a HVARC contractor or plumber to perform this portion of the installation!

A new rule has been issued that requires that gas piping for generator installations be completed by a HVARC contractor or plumber.  The electrical contractor is NO LONGER allowed to perform this work!  Sign the petition to change this rule to allow electrical contractors to continue installing the gas piping for generators along with the rest of the installation!

  Click here to view/sign the petition to repeal this new rule!

NJ Clean Energy Program Oversight Address

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
44 South Clinton Avenue
Post Office Box 350
Trenton, NJ 08625-0350 - (866) 657-6278

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